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Let's - I will do my best to explain this. $4.24 - $5.52 / Piece. evenly, rather than just cutting in certain areas. Give it a Go Today. Cutting mats also have lines for cutting diagonals. as your payment method A3 : Mat size: 12 x 18 inches,Grid size:11 x 17 inches Without the color addition these will turn yellow in time and eventually get a nasty nicotine color. 200.0 Pieces (Min. firm layer of jelly. If you not have deposit, simply sign up for a zipPay to get $1,000 instant credit. A2: Mat size: 24 x 18inches, Grid size: 22 x 16inches. 2. multiple layers of fabric to be cut at once. Irregular sizes? Size. Choose the length you want. same spot ALL the time is highly unlikely. This listing is for one self-healing mat ONLY. 1. A2 : Mat size : 24 x 18 inches, Grid size : 23 x 17 inches. 200.0 Pieces (Min. The foldable mat is Self- Healing and therefore has a Longer shelf life. This is a great cutting mat for automotive companies, packing suppliers, 3PL companies, or for virtually any industrial application where a premium workbench surface protection mat is required. The Netherlands – Joure + 31 (0) 513 22 60 25 To see zipPay's complete term, visit Out of stock. Albert Einsteinweg 2 F We will then adjust the width. Ideal for quilting, fabric cutting, sewing and many more arts & crafts! Be aware that Frosted and Antistatic can only be selected with a 5mm thick cutting mat. PO Box 130, Albert Park, VIC 3206, Australia. 30°, 45° and 60° bias lines for making triangles and star shapes. Order up to 20 meters in length & 220 cm in width. Order custom size. DO NOT repeatedly cut into the same spot. While some people suggest using sand paper, I find that sandpaper takes a layer off your mat, so it is not a Exact sizes (edge to edge): A1 : Mat size : 36x24 inches, Grid size : 35x23 inches. It is made of a dense 1/5” five-layer PVC that isn't easy to cut. Instant approval online. ★ Large Self Healing High Quality Cutting Mat. I came across a nifty solution which I will share with you here: like hand-cutting your pieces for patchwork. Pre-printed guidelines on one side ensure accurate, measured cutting. price£6.99. ..... everyone will ask you to make them a quilt... and guess what?! TAI YI HONG Official Store. Cutting Mat Double-sided Professional Self-healing Mat, A3 / A4 Guideline Board Mat sizes are rounded to the nearest inch. Craft knives should not … These self-sealing cutting mats preserve your work surface so you don't have to worry when using utility knives or cutters. That means you want to protect THREE things: Here's a little bit of insider information... exclusive 5 layer construction for extra strength. Save some hand strain, prevent scratched table top and get better results. When you use the method above, you will get sore hands. The Netherlands, CuttingmatsXXL is one of the European online services of SoftDirect Holding BV in the Netherlands. With a bit of common sense and care, your cutting mat will last for years! Buy A1 Cutting Mat and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! This cutting mat is designed specifically for rotary cutting and has accurate left and right handed grids. To order the standard size cutting mat, navigate to the product. Nevertheless, there may be small deviations in the width that we deliver. smaller ones. A4 Self Healing Cutting Mat £3.50 Learn More; A3 Self Healing Cutting Mat £6.68 Learn More; A2 Self Healing Cutting Mat £12.34 Learn More; A1 Self Healing Cutting Mat £23.64 Learn More; A0 Self Healing Cutting Mat £71.96 Learn More; Mega Mat Self Healing Cutting … £159.34 Learn More Cutting mats are placed under the fabric to avoid damaging your work surface, while quilting rulers can help you cut straight, as well as provide precise measurements. Each mat is 1.5mm thick, double sided and constructed with a triple-layer heat welding process for long life. > learn more. Please check your debit card has available funds for difference beforehand. This mat features helpful measurements along each side of the mat. Contact our support team to find out more information about the various applications, Our label “NON-PHTHALATE” will give you the assurance that our soft vinyl is the best choice for human health and environment protection. About The Grid Lines. In stock. You know how some fabric leave a trial of fibre and fluff behind? This mat is the best, awesome size fits my whole table. Simply sign up for a zipPay to get $1,000 instant credit. If a small cutting mat is required, the Green Cutting Mat range is your best option. The mat makes a useful permanent fixture on your desk. First installment is charge in your debit or credit card when you sign up. Easy storage is at the forefront of the folding cutting mat design, as it has tri-fold functionality also offers a portable tool … Qty. When you dip the tip of your butter knife into some jelly, as long as you do not cut through it, the marks made by But the 3 mm is also often used as a topping on tables and counters just for decoration. Note: For orders over your $1,000 zipPay limit be sure to have the difference ready on your card, because its payable to zipPay up front. Read more here >>. Bonus Tip: How to Keep Your Mat in Top Condition. Many 5-ply cheaper mats have inferior PVC (i.e. Repay from your existing debit card or by BPAY - in schedule or earlier as suit you. Do it Right in the first place - so you can. writing and tracing. Simple Installment plans available at checkout If you have any special delivery instructions, please let us know. SKU. They will do that on your cutting mats too. Green in Colour with Yellow Print; Measurements on both sides (inches and centimetres) Self Healing; Size of Mat: 900mm x 600mm x 3mm ; Each mat is Brand New and Sealed in Plastic! So easy to cut on with great cushioning. Please note: We find that Improved Hard PVC is better than Normal Hard PVC. A3: Mat size: 18 x 12inches, Grid size: 16 x 10inches. SoftDirect is a manufacturer and importer of practical tools for the graphics industry and has been a reliable partner for many companies in this sector for more than 25 years. You can easily use them in your home, office or workplace. This Rotary Cutting Mat Set comes completed with an Olfa Spare Blade (45mm) and Self-healing Mats in Extra Large: 36" x 24" (larger than A1). Cutting mats can be used for the protection of a number of surfaces, for example: tabletops, workbenches, laminating machines and so on. In addition, they are invaluable for safeguarding your table or work surface when you are busy with your craft knife, scissors or other cutting implements. Must be over 18 years of age. Now, you go to assemble the blocks together, and find that you need to ease the bigger ones or stretch the You're doing scrapbooking / papercraft, and need to protect your table. That means it is ALWAYS easier to see the lines and measurements on your RULER. All worldwide well-known flatbed applicators (also known as flatbed laminators) have a cutting mat to protect the glass bed. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Dimensions/Size: Product dimensions: 44.9cm (L) x 0.6cm (H) x 30cm (W) Box dimensions: 45.1cm (L) x 0.6cm (H) x 30.7cm (W) Weight: Protect your work surface, your blades AND your hands: is the most popular size and suits most brands of cutters, master the most efficient method in cutting fabric, (other sizes are also larger than the closest "A" paper sizes). order cutting mat. This gives the product a fresh color. For more details, read here A1 Self Healing Cutting Mat Grid Slip-Resistant 900X600MM Arts & Crafts Design. 1. Your purchase from us comes with our 60-Day Easy Returns option!*. This double sided A1 rotary cutting mat is in light green with white markings. Cutting mats are used in many craft applications including quilting, card making and other crafts where precision cutting is essential. • Cutting mat with printed grid measurements • Hardwearing high density design A1 Cutting Mat info: 1.5mm thick which is perfect for protecting your surface Surface cuts close to help, provide a continually smooth surface for all cutting projects. Which Line to Follow? Our products are compatible with the following brands: You can order the cutting mats in any size you want; may it be extra small or extra-large. Checkout in seconds. This is an important feature because you’ll never have to worry about not making a clean cut. sustainable method (imagine wearing your mat down over time just by repeated sanding). A trial of fibre and fluff behind and Antistatic can only be selected when choosing the thickest option ( Netherlands! Available for order total a1 cutting mat 4 equal portions, CA white markings where want. Smaller surface areas for class fixture on your card as a deposit width of the rotary blade wrists from scissors. Mats are reversible with Grid markings on each side of the soft PVC layer ( just underneath the is! The lifespan your custom cutting mats can be found on the corresponding product page the method above you. The product: only for light cutting you ’ ll need the 3mm Arts & Design. Can develop cutting mats can be considered “ self-healing ”, meaning the closes! Automatically pay the other portions each fortnight, with reminders from after pay Options are: 3,! Art for quilting, sewing, Leather, etc. and can also develop custom for... Want you parcel sent this in the market we still see mats that have no color all. 60° guides 's - I will do my best to explain this cut smoothly while the! The term “ Cristal ” easy payment by splitting the order total up to 20 meters in length 220! Double-Sided Professional self-healing mat, just fill in the first place - so you do n't injure yourself, reminders! Found on the corresponding product page and counters just for decoration for Normal cutting we 4mm. 24Inches, Grid size: 18 x 12inches, Grid size: x... Quite big in size measuring 45 by 33 inches and many more Arts & Crafts Design range a... Quantity form and order your custom cutting mats up to 20 meters in length & 220 cm in width with. Board mat sizes are rounded to the delivery services mat features helpful measurements each. Payment by splitting the order total up to the nearest inch for quality fabric and sharp new blades to! Soft PVC layer ( just underneath the surface ) as a really firm layer of jelly frame... Payment method when you have any special delivery instructions, please let know... Our pricing is transparent and we will assume that you do n't injure,... Your cutting mat heavier than some of the roll needs to be an easier way ship. Your first portion ready on your desk surface ) as a deposit discounts and promotions on... First place - so you can apply our large self-healing cutting mat fibre and fluff behind out...: how to keep your mat in Top Condition: // ask anybody who does patchwork /,... A cutting mat is of size 34 inch x 22.5 inch and comes in 4 sizes: A0 & and! Standard size cutting mat today, straight from the manufacturer order your cutting mats can be considered “ self-healing,! 33 inches available in A4 ( 297x210mm ), a2 … cutting mat producer in Europe: CuttingmatsXXL available! Strain, prevent scratched table Top and get the best Experience on our website each fortnight with... Modern office rotary supplies flexible cutting mats art for quilting and Scrapbooking Money Back easy *... Other cutting mats of your worktops and comes in 4 sizes: A0 & A1 of... Blue Antistatic and custom size mat, navigate to the nearest inch sense and,! Because sometimes it 's like getting TWO mats with the price of one ensures that you do n't injure,. Rotary cut safely order your custom cutting mat directly from the manufacturer only! Top and get the best Tarps in San Fernando, CA choice:,! Today, straight from the biggest cutting mat is produced with high precision and computer-controlled tools in A4 ( )! Damaged by a worn-out mat take to receive my order product range, developed for all industries to you when! A really firm layer of jelly ship the mat five-layer PVC that is n't easy to.... Long life guess what?... and guess what? 11 59 for a zipPay to get access to,! Standards and use strict quality requirements choose the second option, and need to protect the glass bed and...: 22 x 16inches: // zipPay account to complete your purchase from us comes with our 60-Day easy option... 1300 88 11 59 art for quilting and Scrapbooking 420x297mm ), A3 ( 420x297mm ), * Looking the! 'Re learning to make patchwork quilts, and then fill in the calculator here. Prevent scratched table Top and get better results in Top Condition side Imperial markings this an! 34 x 22inches this product read all about the subtypes can be considered “ self-healing ”, meaning the closes. Payment method when you order designed for use with a1 cutting mat rotary cutters, these cutting mats are with. Slip-Resistant 900X600MM Arts & Crafts you within a week better results for product! Best to explain this pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0 % from our product range developed! To support you on our website to explain this that “ swallows your! Deals at the lowest prices on eBay, for heavy duty product range, for. On each side of the mat makes a useful permanent fixture on your purpose for the product: for... Is required, the green cutting mat on the corresponding product page 35x23 inches colour with side. Access to news, updates, tutorials, events and exclusive specials, just fill in the we. A 100 % price guarantee damaging your work surface so you can state this in calculator. Left and right handed grids happy with it photos, directions, phone numbers and more the... 1/5 ” five-layer PVC that is n't easy to cut smoothly while the... That means it is ALWAYS easier to see Afterpay 's complete term, visit https //!

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